Gradients Vol.2 is out now on Astrophonica

Gradients Vol.2 is out now on Astrophonica featuring Luke Vibert, DieMantle (DJ Die & Dismantle), Dream Continuum (Om Unit & Machinedrum), Falty DL, Sully, Moresounds, Proc Fiskal, ONHELL, Sigrah, BSN Posse, Groves, Sam Binga, Lewis James, Rider Shafique.

available on 3 x12″ vinyl in all good record stores + Ltd T-Shirt & Risogrpah Print Bundles from Bandcamp & for streaming and download at all good digital stores.

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⚡️> MORESOUNDS – Warriah VIP – OUT NOW >> Vinyl sold out at Bandcamp but some left in links below – ❤️ that single sided hand screen printed 10″ LTD series Thanks to everyone supporting. Big up UTILE for the art and Moresounds for heavyweight VIP!! Support the Label on Bandcamp: Digital & Key Stores:   0014290800_10 a0301814885_10


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Big Up Mix 98 – Moresounds

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Beatport ITW

Seek Sick Sound ITW + Pure Niceness Review

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Fracture & Moresounds . . . Dead & Bury . . . « It will take your breath away. All of it »



In a record shop near you now . . . Fracture & Moresounds . . . Dead & Bury . . . « It will take your breath away. All of it »

MORESOUNDS 2nd EP on Astrophonica is out now in vinyl and digital formats. Available at our Bandcamp store and at Red Eye Records, Phonica Records, Juno and Beatport to name a few . . .

Moresounds – Pure Niceness EP – APHA011


Moresounds has left the training camp and is now at the controls of his own craft. A dub fanatic, he stays true to the techniques of King Tubby, and from behind his desk sends dancefloors crazy with pinches of hip-hop and jungle in his authentic and energetic live show. This approach caught the attention of Om Unit’s Cosmic Bridge label in 2012 before his debut EP on Astrophonica in 2013. Since then his music has appeared on Doc Scott’s 31 Recordings and has added trademark cosmic dub seasoning to Machinedrum’s Vapor City project. An impressive start to his career, echoed in Fact Magazine’s inclusion of the producer as one to watch in 2015.


APHA011 / Moresounds / Pure Niceness
27th Apr 2015 / LTD 12” Vinyl in hand print sleeve & Digital / Kudos Distribution

1. Reality Tune / 2. Altercations
3. Pure Niceness / 4. Dead & Bury ft. Fracture


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