Ras G Meets Moresounds

Label: Dub Stuy

Released February 16, 2018

Format: vinyl, digital.
Catalogue Number: DS-EP004.

Brooklyn-based label Dub-Stuy kicks off 2018 with the inaugural release of a new EP series dedicated to unearthing and celebrating the outer reaches of sound system culture. Taking its cue from the classic dub releases where two producers would face off with their own versions, Dub-Stuy’s Meets series brings together artists who have a clear dub influence but do not operate solely within the sphere of the dub and reggae world. The first such meeting is between Los Angeles beat supremo Ras G (Brainfeeder, Stones Throw) and Paris junglistic dub scientist Moresounds (Cosmic Bridge, Astrophonica).

Ras G Meets Moresounds features two brand new productions from each artist exploring the more experimental side of dub. On his side of the release Ras G freaks traditional dub riddims in a hip-hop style by slowing the bpm down, amping up the bass and smothering the tracks with echo and reverb. “Gorilla Glue” adds animal sounds and a hypnotizing flute melody reminiscent of Augustus Pablo, while “Global Shit-uation” goes deeper by juxtaposing bright keys with a wall of sirens and computer noises, as if Sun Ra had landed in Kingston for a jam with Tubby.

For his half of the release Moresounds taps into the melting pot of energy he’s become best known for, a perfect blend of dance music, hip-hop and dub. “We A Tribe” brings together traditional dub melodies with menacing synth lines, a steady kick snare pattern and a rowdy bassline. “Deep Base” taps into the steppers vibe with a marching drum beat and floating percussion rubbing against ominous melodies and an ocean of sampled sounds.

A celebration of the timeless impact of dub on modern music, Ras G Meets Moresounds shows how versatile dub music can be today and how far it has come from its Kingston roots. Strap in, light one up and get ready for a deep dub dive.



CBR021 - Moresounds - Mutation Experts EP Label A 4000x4000 copie

Moresounds – Mutation Experts

Label: Cosmic Bridge

Released March 31, 2017

Mastered by Bob Macc at Subvert
Mastered for Vinyl & Cut by Lewis at Star Delta

French producer Moresounds makes a welcome return to Cosmic Bridge five years after his debut. The Paris-based dub scientist was one of the first artist Om Unit picked for the label and the co-sign helped launch his career, which has since included contributions to Astrophonica, Doc Scott’s 31 Records, and remixes for Machinedrum as well as a growing touring schedule that saw him take his unique live show to Asia and America in 2016. Mutation Experts catches Moresounds in a more experimental vibe with four cuts that play with the rhythmic potentials of jungle in a different style.

Ting N Tings sets the mood with rolling breaks in a sea of soothing pads, subtle loops, vocal samples, and recurring sound effects anchored by deep bass to create a subtle, implied tension. Mutation Experts makes use of a catchy melody to take the listener along and once again the mood is one of subtle changes and blissful exploration, a junglist daydream. Ruff Times is the darker of the tracks on offer, a creeping roller wrapped around a two-note melody and drenched in dub, a hypnotic descent down a rabbit hole. The EP closes with Positive Yourself a mellow, downtempo production that plays with African motifs and samples for a gentle return to reality.

Mutation Experts offers a perfect example of how Moresounds combines the rhythmic appeal of jungle with the transformative potential of dub, sidestepping obvious signifiers to play with possibilities. Mutation Experts invites you to take a different trip with Moresounds as your guide.




Moresounds - Zion Charge / Far Away Dub

Label : Lion Charge Records

Release date : July 1, 2016

Limited Edition 500 copies

                                                           Available on 12″ Vinyl Hand stamped

Mastered by Shane @ Finyl Tweek





Moresounds - The Outer Spaces EP

Label : Original Cultures

Release date : October 30th , 2015

Vinyl, 12″, 33 ⅓ RPM, EP, Limited Edition, Numbered & Digital

The artwork by Paper Resistance


Space, the final frontier. We’re not quite there yet, but in the meantime you can imagine what travelling through the galaxy might be like with The Outer Spaces EP, a collection of downtempo and hip-hop beats from Paris-based Moresounds.

A master of dub and scholar of jungle, Moresounds has gained acclaim for his unique approach in the past few years with releases on Om Unit’s Cosmic Bridge label, Fracture’s Astrophonica and Doc Scott’s 31 Records alongside remixes for Machinedrum’s Vapor City project.
The Outer Spaces collects six productions from Moresounds’ personal archive, focusing on his love of hip-hop and instrumental beats. Think of this EP as a compliment to his dancefloor productions, what you’d put on coming back from the dance to unwind, perhaps with a nice glass of whiskey and a smoke. The mastery of space that characterises his work is present, the bass round and full, the drums clear and the sampling just on point.
Rounding off the EP are two remixes from Italy’s Clap! Clap! and London’s Fracture, who reimagine the originals in equally adventurous ways.
Space is also the place as Sun Ra reminded us. So come, make yourself at home and travel with us.




31RS014DMoresounds – Etho / Gwan Fire

Label : 31 Recordings

Release date : 19th October 2015

 LTD 12” Vinyl  & Digital

A1. Etho
A2. Gwan Fire







moresounds_artwork_02 Small

Moresounds – Pure Niceness

Label : Astrophonica

27th Apr 2015 / LTD 12” Vinyl in hand print sleeve & Digital

Artwork by Utile Creative

1. Reality Tune / 2. Altercations
3. Pure Niceness / 4. Dead & Bury ft. Fracture

Moresounds has left the training camp and is now at the controls of his own craft. A dub fanatic, he stays true to the techniques of King Tubby, and from behind his desk sends dancefloors crazy with pinches of hip-hop and jungle in his authentic and energetic live show. This approach caught the attention of Om Unit’s Cosmic Bridge label in 2012 before his debut EP on Astrophonica in 2013. Since then his music has appeared on Doc Scott’s 31 Recordings and has added trademark cosmic dub seasoning to Machinedrum’s Vapor City project. An impressive start to his career, echoed in Fact Magazine’s inclusion of the producer as one to watch in 2015.



Moresounds – Moresounds EP

Label : Astrophonica

Released: 2013

High quality hand finished product with hand print sleeves 12″ Vinyl and Digital

« King Tubby’s pioneering use of the studio as an instrument in the 1970s gave us dub: a music, culture and aesthetic that in the past 30 years has permeated the entirety of modern music from hip hop to pop, jungle to techno. In 2013 Tubby’s shadow looms larger than ever over the shoulders of modern musicians, in their studios and on the stage.

Paris-based Moresounds is a proud student of Tubby, a man who found his artistic voice not only in the echoes of the Kingston pioneer’s legacy but also the grooves of hip hop and the psychedelia of rave and dance music. Moresounds’ music is that rare thing: a real synthesis of dub and dance music aesthetics, pulling from the enduring, mutating DNA strands of each to create something that’s beyond a mere mixture of styles.

This intricate synthesis was first showcased to the world via releases on Seattle’s Car Crash Set, the Snafu EP, and Om Unit’s Cosmic Bridge label, the Control Breath EP. The latter has received worldwide praise and continued support from the likes of Low End Theory’s D-Styles and legendary selector David Rodigan while also catching the attention Astrophonica boss Fracture. Soon enough a deal was sealed for Moresounds to follow Control Breath with a self-titled EP for the London label.

At a time when the scene Astrophonica has most closely been associated with thus far is experiencing a new influx of innovation from its outer edges that resonates with those within who have continued to push the sound forward, Moresounds makes the perfect case for established labels and producers to give worthy newcomers a chance to say their piece while turning a few heads and making bodies sweat in the dance. »




Moresounds – Ghetto Dub Vol. 1 

  »From within the depths of the Paris underground, somewhere between the glory of its tourist attractions and the grittier underbelly of its myriad expatriate communities, Moresounds sits behind his mixing desk and synthesises. He takes from what’s around him and what he loves and makes something new. 

 King Tubby’s shadow looms over his shoulders as he channels the spirit of dub into his tracks. Dance music in dub. Dubbed dance music. Dub as a process, invigorating the sometimes sterile sounds of electronic dance music. 

 The result is music that wouldn’t be out of place in a modern cyberpunk tale – the perfect soundtrack to the daily happenings of a generation of hybrid thrill seekers always plugged in, always streaming media directly into their ears and retinas. Alternatively it also makes for pretty good fun on the dance floor, dub wise riddims designed to make you groove. 

                                Just tie your dancing shoes and get moving. »

-Laurent Fintoni-







Moresounds – Breath Control EP

Cosmic Bridge

Released: 2012

12″ Vinyl and Digital

Om Unit has this label Cosmic Bridge Records which brings us this French dude called Moresounds. The record has this infectues blend of hip hop with digidub and flares of roots featuring space echo’s with heavy beat programming, highlighting on the hi-hat and snares…
You’ll hear the obvious inspiring references of masters like Tubby with the sound choices of Scientist.







Moresounds – SNAFU EP

Released: 2010

A new seven track EP drops this week on Car Crash Set from the mighty Parisian beatmaker Moresounds. Fusing the warmth of old records on Ninja Tune and Mo Wax with the latest synth work from Joker and Hyetal, Moresounds brings a totally new style to the glitch-hop genre. Check out the bass wobble ladden ‘SNAFU’ that rides over top of a jazz percussion refrain or the reggae toasting dub k-hole of ‘Day N Days’ that blasts off to a future Jamaica. This EP is thick with styles, heavy beats, and giant bass synths.





Moresounds & Destruct – Guillotine Smooth

Released: 2009


The « Rebel Minded » emcee Destruct is back with his next official release with french producer Moresounds bringing you « Guillotine Smooth », a musical sound clash that is as hardcore as it is calm. These two individuals raise the bar on how an emcee and producer blend and co.exist on a track infusing international samples with modern drums and overall refreshing lyrics in one tight package. « What you need an album for we get it done in 8, traks that is » said by Destruct on the « Smooth Outro’’ of the EP pretty much wraps up the concept and vibe of the project. Los Angeles and Paris have never connected like Moresounds and Destruct thats why its « Guillotine Smooth », rugged but relaxing.